Current Season Categories

AI Suggestions

We know we’ll like this because the algorithm said so.

Award Winning

*** Pretentious AF ***

Before Their Time

Let’s dig up this movie and all love it way too late.

Branching Out

Reach out and try something new!

Budget Destroyer

We’re talking absolute destruction of their budgets with the box office numbers.

Daily Trend

Okay Google, what’s trending?

Dealer’s Choice

For within these categories was bound the strength and the will to govern each movie choice. But they were all of them deceived, for another category was made.


Pick a number, any number and find yourself a title with its length.

How Did You Miss That?!

Timeout, you actually haven’t seen this movie!?

Near & Dear

Was your childhood truly what you remembered it to be?

Pick 3

Platform, genre, number. Where we land, I don’t know!


Movies submitted by you, the people!

Streaming Original

And we’re buffering and buffering and buffering.


Where hotdogs and princesses can join forces